Are you looking for a way to improve the productivity, happiness, well-being and health of your staff? We offer workshops, weekly classes and seminars at your workplace and/or events. 
Sessions are focussed on applying the Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung tools and principles to improve the flow and energy within your companies professional environment. Allowing the people in your company to grow more balanced, flow harmonious and te be mroe energised and creative. They will learn to feel more connected to themselves and each other resulting in more happiness, better communication, increased productivity and a more healthy work-climate in your company. Please get in touch for more info and apply now for a FREE TASTER SESSION.


What are the benefits of Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung at work?


  • Learn to be more relaxed in stressful situations.

  • Increase your ability to transform negatives into positive creative solutions.

  • Grow team spirit and learn to flow better with all your colleagues

  • Become more effective in personal communication.

  • Increase your creativity and focus.

  • Grow confidence.

  • Be Happier and have more energy.






“Tai-Chi in our home is brilliant. Residents after the session feel more calm and relaxed. They sleep better at night as well, the night is therefore quieter (also for the staff) which is really encouraging. It gives calm on the whole of the residential home, even the people who haven’t joined feel it. We are really pleased with the classes. I haven’t come across Tai-Chi in 28 years of care, but the results we see with the residents are absolutely amazing. Superb!”

Julie - Assistant manager