Since 2015 we have been teaching regular classes in different care & nursing homes in Devon UK. Each home has a unique group of people and we craft our class around the needs of each unique group. Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung can be practiced by anyone, standing, seated or even when laying down. Anyone can learn to tune in to the Chi energy regardless of age, ability or background. Our eldest student is 104 years of age. When we asked what her secret was she said: "I smile every single day"! The inner and outer smile is one of the cornerstones of practicing Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung.
We work with MS groups, wheelchair groups, mental health care groups, elderly people, and people with special needs. We are always happy to get to know new groups who are open to learning chi energizing exercises in a fun and creative way. We offer a very personal approach and connect with everyone in the class. We offer a free 30-minute taster session on request.
Please contact us for more info or to book your FREE TASTER SESSION.

G.T who has Parkinsons says ‘the stiffness in my neck and back is feeling much better and more comfortable since beginning Tai Chi’

M.C who is 100yrs old says ‘My muscles feel very loose now and I am keen to learn more movements’

F.W says ‘Tai Chi is helping relieve my painful shoulder’

Care Manager comment ‘Vincent & Helen really connect with each and every Resident during Tai Chi. The response from our Residents has been very positive and the classes are a real highlight on our extensive activity schedule. Tai Chi has improved the physical and emotional health of our Residents so they are able to live longer and enjoy each and every day.’


Liesbeth - Director Healthcare Centre