• Vincent Sanders

Wat is the Happilization centre?

Interview with Master Choy and his students about the happilization centre. "We are focusing on heart, body, mind, spirit education in this particular order. We say that the heart is the governor of all the acupuncture meridians. That’s why you will find stethoscopes everywhere in our school to get people to listen to their hearts, which is so important today. So can you feel your heartbeat right now? Can you physically feel your heartbeat? There is no point talking about the heart if you can’t even feel your heartbeat. The next step is connecting to the stillness of the pauses in between your heartbeat. And then we go to the body; to the physical exercises which connect to your tan tien center, also called ‘the sea of energy’. We focus a lot on the physical Tai Chi movements also. Next to the physical movements we have the reflection, digestion and assimilation of the lessons that connects to the mind. We love the mind too, we’re not saying: ‘never follow the mind’. The mind is a great tool, but a terrible Master. And then we have the spiritual awakening which obviously happens when your heart, mind and body come together; when the mother, father and child come together. The inner family can come together and experience bliss, joy and ecstasy!" Master Choy - Founder & Director of the Happilization centre and Heart, Body, Mind & Spirit education

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