Tai Chi of typing? WHOHOO, that makes me feel like riming, writing and smiling, so much aliveness and excitement! :)

Beep, beep, Ping ping ping, tring tring. Sounds familiar?

Yes! Welcome to planet Earth in the year 2018, where our live

s are busy, our I-phones are constant ringing and laptops pinging! Does it sound like singing or is the sound and the pressure of this digital society slowly killing?

Like for myself and many of us our phones and laptops had become like tiny little devils in our pockets, bags that we can’t escape from. So often I hear that ‘they’ took over our lives, and I had this same belief, I admit! I would curse the ‘thing’. Blame that ‘it’ made me into a zombie who was only scrolling endlessly over Facebook, Instagram. Feeling useless at the end of the day..

Now, what if our mobile phone, laptop does not work against us and instead is like a friend? A friend who can serve us rather than control us? A friend that wants to help to share inspiration, add to an enjoyable and energized, healthy life?? Like a lover that we can make love with even!! I might sound ‘bonkers’!

It is actually true that I have discovered something amazing! We can enjoy and live in harmony with all our machines!

Thanks to my Taoist Tai chi teacher Master Choy I have learned and still learn to feel this. The moment I met him I was so inspired!! So moved! This was back in 2012. I never met anyone like him. Rooted, strong, wise, funny, a mystery, so full of LIFE and light!

Master Choy is ‘happilizing’ every moment, every movement, meaning that every moment can be an expression of happiness!!

So also the use phones, laptops!

“Give me any movement and I transform it into a Tai Chi, happilized movement ” he shares with an always bright smile!

I am so intrigued. How can a 65 year old be SO FULL OF ENERGY!??

And not even have one single grey hair or bald patch?

Being as flexible as bamboo, glowing like a baby, moving like water.

Never even went to a hospital or doctor! HOW??

The secret lies in 8000 year old wisdom of the Taoists. The ancient Taoists knew how to conserve their energy, this treasure of chi energy that we are given even before birth. A treasure that we in society take for granted and gradually waste. Illness is the result of that.

The Taoists have been very wise and learned To CONSERVE this precious energy called ‘Chi’, meaning ‘life force’!! For health, for happiness, longevity!

It is beautiful to me, this practice saved and transformed my whole life and still continues to do so! No longer I feel a slave of society, a slave of my phone or laptop. I feel free, WITH my phone, with my laptop, WITHIN myself!!

I would love to share what we are learning and discovering and take you all on a little journey to experience a glimpse of this beautiful practice!

It is for truly for everyone with a humble attitude! As a Rainbow Tai Chi graduate I teach over 200 elderly people a week and meet people who are over a hundred years old! And they FEEL this energy! They can move more freely, wash their own hair again and smile happily!!! One lady is even 97 and has more energy than I have! Her SECRET, her name is Joyce and always full of JOY, enjoying every moment!! She got it!!!

Master Choy founded Rainbow Tai Chi over 45 years ago. There is a lot that I can share, yet what I love most about Rainbow Tai Chi is that the practice is so PRACTICAL and can be practised at any age, it is timeless!

Master Choy promotes to practise IN THE MOMENT, in simple daily tasks and discover the WOW IN THE NOW!! Being whilst doing!

Which means to not only waste our energy with working, no, conserve it even when you work!!

To feel energized during AND after work!! Isn’t that amazing? Is that not what we all want? To be happy, energized, inspired, enjoying all our daily tasks?? Instead of dragging ourselves to work and crash on the couch at the end of the day when we come home?

What if the solution to health and happiness is so much simpler than we think? That we even can feel energized using for example our phones and laptops!? Instead of feeling drained, unworthy, uninspired?

This is what Master Choy advocates and shows by his own example!

Phones and laptops are not separated from us! They are also ENERGY! Alive and we can flow, interact with them energies, work WITH, not fight with or be controlled by!

Right now I am sitting behind my laptop with a big fat smile, buzzing hands, a glowing heart and belly! Feeling so excited!

Where I used to hate writing, and judged myself for being such a ‘crap writer’, I feel now inspired and discover that I really love it!

To type, write, to share, not to compare like I did and be happy not knowing what word will flow next! Trust the creative spark inside myself and this beautiful laptop to help me!! We co-operate and create!

It is so beautiful, to slow down on every touch on the keyboard, with softness, care, with gentleness, with light effort!! To respect the laptop the body, the chi energy!!

Feeling the pauses, between every movement, the arms moving from the center of the body. It is like a blissful dance! It is true and I have not even taken anything!

All my life I have been looking for this happy, effortless, blissful feeling and I used so much drugs and alcohol to feel happy. It gave only a temporary fix.

Every time the same old blues, feeling lost and lonely the Monday after. It was not the real thing, it was fake happiness, an illusion, a lie.

What I discovered, thanks to Rainbow Tai Chi, is that happiness is already INSIDE us all, we only have to change the belief. I believed that I needed something external to feel happiness, needed approval and recognition from others. In fact I discovered that this was the recipe for unhappiness.

I feel right now happy and inspired just simply typing this article! I do not need more than just being, here, typing.

I discovered even that typing is the new XTC!! In fact we say ‘ecsta-CHI’ and you get real extra Chi energy!!! Isn’t that awesome!?!

What if I tell you that you and I could practise right now??

Shall we practise?? Let’s go and LET GO! Go with the flow, glow, grow into WOW, NOW!

How do you sit? Are your shoulders relaxed or tensed? Are your fingers tight or soft? Soften, be even softer, slow down, before you even move and feel the pauses between every touch on your keyboard or Phone screen, between every heart beat, every breath.

Touch her with such gentleness as if she is a friend, a beautiful woman, or your fluffy cat that you stroke.


Join with me, right now, light now!! Pick up, hold your beautiful phone or laptop and enjoy!! Enjoy this new journey as much as I am enjoying this typing, writing to you, with you!! Let’s go together!!

Maybe you want to type something to someone you love, or just your report or email to your boss or client that you have to do!

Check what happens if you relax your shoulders, elbows, fingers, sit with upright spine and have a little smile on your face.

Why frowning so seriously when we can smile while we type?!

It might feel a little ‘strange’, new, but hey give it a go, you can discover something amazing, a new feeling, a fresh inspiration that you never thought of!! WOW!

I feel my arms relaxed, space, between my armpits, my fingers, to move from my belly-center, my whole body. I feel my body gently moving in little circles as if I am in water.

My smile is growing bigger and countless little ‘ants’ are running up and down my spine. I slow down, let go any past experiences of my laptop, of typing and feel slower and slower, softer and softer, an energy running through my whole body. An effortlessness… A blissful warm, happy feeling.

Can you feel it? A soft glow inside you, a slight tingle in your fingers, a warmth, a peaceful, lovely feeling of slowing down? A smile…

The tiniest little sensation is something to appreciate.

Even when you feel nothing, you are giving your best to slow down and dive into this little new journey. This is something to give thanks for!!! Keep practising! You are amazing!!!

Your body is made to move, your hands are made to touch with tenderness and loving care, to create, to express your true unique spark!

You and I, we are destined to be happy, to laugh and smile for no reason, like a baby, that we ones were and still have inside us!! This pure carefree, radiant being, enjoying the simplicity of a task like type writing.

‘To let go, the tension in our hearts, bodies, minds, spirits, to discover the limitless river of chi flowing unceasingly.’

‘A grateful smile, a simple happy feeling, inside you, inside me’.

We are free!

Thank you chi! Thank you all!


Helen Feron

(Rainbow Tai Chi student & graduate)

Rainbow Tai Chi School:

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