We have been studying Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung since 2012. We are personally and intensively trained as apprentices of Taoist Tai-Chi Master Choy and are qualified teachers of the 15 Rainbow Tai Chi-Chi- Kung Fundamentals. We have lived at the Rainbow Tai Chi School and have dedicated our lives to learning and sharing this inner ancient art of dynamic meditation. Rainbow Tai Chi has transformed our lives and has our greatest love and passion. We enjoy sharing the Rainbow T'ai Chi teachings through personal stories, experiences, music, poetry and comedy.

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Through my own transformations I feel the urgency and a deep purpose to share the Rainbow T'ai Chi Chi Kung tools and principles. I want to help others find the way back to  themselves and find healing.

Together with Vincent, I'm teaching classes in Devon UK and the Netherlands as well as in different care homes. I'm originally from Holland, all my life I have been seeking for true teachers and real life education. In July 2012 I was guided to the Rainbow T’ai Chi School where I joined a week Summer-school. Here I found in Master Choy’s teachings all I was searching for. I felt a calling so strong, that I decided to leave my hometown, job and friends in Amsterdam to move by myself to the school in Ashburton.


In 2012 I started the teacher/trainee course and had the great privilege to live in the Rainbow T’ai Chi School with Master Choy for two years. I found enormous love and passion in Rainbow T’ai Chi and have transformed my life and inner struggles of depression and bulimia with the Rainbow T’ai Chi tools and Master Choy’s great guidance.

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My mother was a Yoga teacher and Tai-Chi practitioner, from the age of 4 I was imitating her postures and movements when she would practice in the living room. I was looking in her textbooks before I could read, copying the movements I saw on pictures in her books. From the age of 12 I started learning shaolin Kung-Fu from Sifu Marlon Alvares & Brothers Wisam and Wiam Al zabari in Utrecht, Netherlands.
I was fascinated with Chinese martial arts and had a dream to go to China to learn with Shaolin Monks. From the age of 16 I got into Maui-Thai and Kickboxing. Training with Marc Duncan and his team and more traditional styles with Walter Jansen at the ‘Voltreffer gym’. From age 22 I trained intuitive boxing & Taikiken with trainer and coach Ron Nansink in Amsterdam. Also followed Taoist healing courses of Reinoud Eleveld.
He was the first teacher that gave awareness of the importance of inner energy work and Taoist Chi-Kung practices.  
In 2012 at age 25 my journey into Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung and soft internal energy arts began. When meeting Master Choy for the first time I was awakened to a deep calling inside. It was during a weekend workshop on the Tao of health and rejuvenation. My whole life journey fell into place. I felt this was what I had been looking for all my life and was driven from deep within to join the Rainbow Tai-Chi Teacher Trainee course. Since then I have been intensively trained as a Rainbow Tai-Chi instructor and dedicated my life to the study of Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung arts. I let go everything else and left my Job, house, friends, martial arts training behind to move from Holland (Utrecht) to UK. I was privileged to live together with Helen in Master Choy’s school. We were mega intensively trained as apprentices and after living with Master Choy for 1.5 years, then living next to the school for another 5 years we have always been his students till now. I graduated as a teacher in 2016 and have been teaching classes, workshops and private sessions in Holland and UK since. Till today I am still under intense training for Chi-healing and Tai-Chi form 37 steps Huang style.

In 2018/2019 I have lived in the Happilization center in Spain to help Master Choy setting up the center in his move to from UK to Spain.
I am highly motivated and driven to keep on learning, growing and flowing as I feel the whole world can benefit from the Rainbow Tai-Chi principles and practice. Together with Helen and other teachers and students of Rainbow Tai-Chi I feels a mission to help people find back themselves through Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung practice.

Rainbow Tai-Chi is the biggest gift as it helped me change my life. I was very self-destructive, at times aggressive and struggled with OCD, drug addictions and an inferiority complex. Rainbow Tai-Chi and Master Choy helped me to transform these negative aspects of my life into a positive, creative more balanced life. My father helped himself to heal from terminal cancer with the help of Rainbow Tai-Chi-Chi-Kung teachings, a balanced diet and chi healing practice. In 2015 I wrote a book about the transformational journey as a Rainbow Tai-Chi student. I love rap, poetry, music, dance & comedy. It’s all part of the Rainbow Tai-Chi classes and practice. We want everyone to express their unique creative spark and Rainbow Tai-Chi helped me grow the confidence to just be me.


Rainbow Tai-Chi offers a way to find back inner peace and happiness with 15 gentle exercises that improve the flow of your energy. All exercises are simple to learn and have emotional, physical, mental and spiritual benefits when practiced regularly. All principles come from nature and can be applied in your daily life. The practice can boost your energy levels while feeling more relaxed & happier.

All exercises we teach are based on the book '15 ways to a happier you’ from the author and our Taoist Tai Chi Master Peter Chin Kean-Choy. With 45 years of experience and having reached over 200.000 people he is the director and founder of the Rainbow Tai Chi School where he trains teachers. All exercises are based on the Rainbow Tai Chi Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit education system.


Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung has been developed by Master Choy, founder and chief instructor of the Rainbow T’ai-Chi-Chi Kung school and chi self-healing centre in Ashburton UK. Master Choy studied T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyang of Malaysia. He also learned the application of T’ai- Chi Chi Kung with his father, Chin Ket Leong, who was a Chinese herbal doctor and martial arts master. He was given the title of 'Tai-Chi-Master' by grandmaster Chen of Chen village in China (the birthplace of Tai-Chi) after training and living with him to learn the original Tai Chi ancient art of iron the ball Tai Chi. He learned the Taoist sciences with Mantak Chia in Thailand and the Option process at the Option Institute, Massachusetts, USA. Master Choy also spent time with Jidda Krishnamurti and lived with U G Krishnamurti in India. Here he found a unique, heart- centred way of applying his T’ai-Chi Chi Kung to daily life. He has trained with Dr T K Shih of the Chi Healing Centre, USA. And with Chi-Kung Master & Western Doctor Pang of the Zhineng Chi Kung Centre in China to learn about Chi healing & Zhineg Chi-Kung. Master Choy has lived & trained in several spiritual communities around the world such as Findhorn in Scotland, Harbin Hot Springs in California and learned the initiative science with Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in France. Master Choy is a qualified by his 7 different Grandmasters to teach everything he has been studying in this lifetime. He combined all his experiences of T’ai-Chi Chi Kung with other Taoist exercises to develop the Rainbow T’ai-Chi Chi Kung practice and philosophy. He has led weekly classes and workshops on T’ai Chi Chi Kung and the Taoist arts for more than 40 years. Master Choy is also the founder of the Trilogue/thanking process and the aqua tai chi practices.



“I have come not for the young or old. I have come to awaken the ancient beings within my people. There are those who have been sleeping for thousands of years and now is the ripe time for the awakening of the masters within you. This is initiation of the ancient ones. The Masters of Light shall walk upon this earth again. I have come not for the few or the many, just the ones who need to be near me to find their inner spark alight. So much lightness of their feet await them, the calling of their hearts shall hear my heart beat song, their ears shall hear the silent ones beckoning them to fountains of healing joy, laughter is the signature sound for us to come together and the voyage home to the source is simple and natural. I am here to bring home my brothers and sisters of light back to their health, smiles, plenitude, peace and wisdom. “